Welcome to the Old McDavis farm

Welcome to my new blog. My name is Nicole and my husband is Micah, for all intensive purposes we will call him Farmer Davis however he prefers urban homesteader. Almost 3 years ago we purchased our first house in a small unincorporated space of Edmonds Washington, a tiny 900 sq. ft house that was smaller than our last apartment on a quarter acre of totally unlandscaped fully fenced land. It was a dream come true for our growing family. Our farm wasn’t even a thought at this point, all I was thinking was how great it would be to rip out the dead tree and ugly rhodies, put in a flower bed below my front window and that our kids had so much space to play in the grass aka weeds.

Fast forward 9 months to March 2014, my friend Percy in Kansas City got 3 baby chicks and sent me photos of them in a little tub. That was all it took and I was hooked. That night we watched a couple documentaries on chickens. I convinced farmer Davis that I would spend the next year researching and preparing for our first baby chicks. We read so many blogs and 4 different chicken books. Two weeks later while Farmer Davis was on a work trip I went into our local feed store to see what books they had, I found some books and they had 3 bins set up full of little fluffy butts scurrying around cheeping like little banshees. My daughter Chloe, age 5 at the time and son Wade age 1.5 were with me. They were delighted to see all the different colors and sizes of 2 day old baby chicks running around. It didn’t take much arm twisting, mostly it took both of them asking once and I caved. So we picked out 4 little chicks to bring home with us. We called Farmer Davis on the way home with the heat cranked as high as it went to keep the fuzzy butts warm, we explained how weak I had been once I saw how cute they were and tiny. He was thrilled. Over the course of the next few days we were up to 8 chicks. Then we made the hour long drive north to pick up 2 Pekin ducklings that were 5 days old. Four more weeks and we had a total of 12 chicks and 6 ducklings.

This was our beginning. Its been almost 2 years now and much has changed. We’ve added a lot more chickens, ducks, rabbit, dogs, cats and goats. My blog will be about what we’ve learned and changed. We have transformed our quarter acre into an urban homestead and have many more things to do.

Welcome to the Old McDavis Farm!!


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